(re)Imagining the NAS Recommendations

(re)Imagining the NAS, a review of the Neighbourhood Action Strategy, launched its report and recommendations this week. The report follows almost 2 years of work. To read the report, check it out here.

Vital Signs: We want your feedback!

We hope you had a chance to read the 2018 Vital Signs report May 30 in the Hamilton Spectator. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the report and how you plan to use it.  Click here to give us feedback; here if you would like to read the report online.

Vital Signs launch May 31

Please join us for a panel discussion with four local experts to talk about the latest data from our upcoming Vital Signs 2018 report.  From our city’s health and the environment to diversity and our neighbourhoods, we’ll get to the why behind the what. Register here.

Future Intended: Supporting a greener Hamilton

It’s Earth Week! To celebrate, we want to tell you about some great local programs and organizations we support that help protect the environment. Read more here.

Future Intended: Hamilton has art in its heart

The arts have become a major facet of Hamilton’s rejuvenation. Art – in one form or another — is also important for a thriving community. Read more about some of the latest arts programs we support in our city.

Vital Signs TV: Cancer screening in Hamilton

In the first episode of 2018, Terry Cooke hosts Carol Rand (Director, Juaravinski Cancer Centre) and Dr. Bill Evans (Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Oncology, McMaster University) to discuss the importance of cancer screening. Watch this and other episodes of Vital Signs here.

Future Intended: Read all about it!

Reading and writing can be two of life’s greatest joys. In our latest Future Intended blog we highlight five recent projects that help to spread the joy of literacy in Hamilton. Read more here.

Future Intended: Empowering women and girls in Hamilton

At HCF we believe that supporting and empowering women and girls is a crucial element in building a vibrant and inclusive Hamilton. Read more about some of our recent granting in this area.

Future Intended: Spreadin’ rhythm around

Hamilton is definitely a music town. Through a variety of funds, we’re glad to be able to support local projects and organizations that spread the joy of music. Read more here.

Legacy newsletter Fall 2017

Our latest Legacy newsletter is here.